Lulworth Castle

Outdoor events for the whole family

It would be impossible to over-exaggerate the importance of spending time together as a family, and how essential it is for children to be able to enjoy the great outdoors as they get to grips with the world around them. Play, particularly when it’s facilitated outside, is an integral part of every child’s growth and development. Those precious moments spent together, meanwhile, will quickly become your family’s remedy to the pressure of modern living. So, how are you going to spend your time outside? Head to a festival There’s something inherently summery about a festival, whether it’s the opportunity to …

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Avon Heath

How I’m keeping my family healthy through the winter season!

There is no way of keeping the children away from bugs when they start school, but there are ways of making sure that they don’t affect them too badly. Since Sebastian started pre-school he has managed to pick up a couple of colds and a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth but thankfully hasn’t been as poorly as he was last year, where everything he picked up seemed to affect his throat and chest and I think the changes we have made at home have certainly helped. Because he was so poorly last year, I invested in a humidifier for …

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