Review: Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set

Geomag Mechanics

Homeschooling is starting to get repetitive now, with an emphasis on the core subjects of Maths and English. We have been itching for some scientific fun in our house, so when we were offered the Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set to review, we could not wait to get building this unique, exciting and educational toy. The system is made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and elements of different shapes such as cylinders and modular parts which will provide… Continue Reading “Review: Geomag Mechanics Magnetic Race Track Set”

Review: Magicubes from Geomag

Magicubes Eliza and Sebastian

I was first introduced to Magicubes from Geomag at Blog On Conference and was so impressed by them that I bought some for the pre-school where I work. They were a huge hit with the kids and we have subsequently added to the collection with several sets. Magicube is a magnetic construction system that has turned the classic cube into something “magical”. The cubes can be attached on any side, and even remain suspended, making building fun and easy. The… Continue Reading “Review: Magicubes from Geomag”