Eat Healthy in 2019 by Growing Your Own Vegetables


At the start of every new year, one of the most common resolutions that people have is to eat a healthier diet. This is a great resolution to make because a healthier diet can have such a big impact on many areas of your life and help you to feel fitter, healthier and with more energy. Not only this, but eating healthier can also be much more affordable than eating junk food too. Changing Diet Changing your diet to something… Continue Reading “Eat Healthy in 2019 by Growing Your Own Vegetables”

5 ways to prepare your garden for winter


It is safe to say that we are well into Autumn and my garden is starting to suffer. We have lots of trees at the rear of the garden and the high winds and rain in recent weeks have meant that the grass has a covering of leaves and pine needles to contend with, that even our good old leaf vacuum is struggling to deal with. It seems odd, but put in a little effort in the garden in winter… Continue Reading “5 ways to prepare your garden for winter”

2016 – The Year of the Garden


Every year since we moved into our home we have said we are going to sort out our garden and every year something else crops up that needs our money spent on, so I have declared that this year will be the year of our garden. When we moved in to our home 11 years ago the garden was a gothic paradise with an over-grown hedge to one side and a giant rockery complete with statues plonked in the middle.… Continue Reading “2016 – The Year of the Garden”

6 Hobbies to Try this Spring

Moors Valley

Spring is an exciting time. As winter turns to summer, we forget about the post-Christmas slump, enjoy all the chocolate that Easter brings, and, fingers crossed, hope for a few months of sun. Spring is a good time to embark on some new hobbies. As the weather gets warmer, there is more opportunity for outdoor activity and other hobbies which you can pick up and get well-versed in in time for summer. Here are a few possible hobbies which will… Continue Reading “6 Hobbies to Try this Spring”

How to get the kids excited about gardening this summer


If you’re looking to grow your child’s curiosity for the great outdoors and gardening this summer, then it’s as simple as throwing open the doors and heading out into the back yard (or clearing space on the windowsill and adorning it with plant pots.) Introducing kids from an early age to the wonders they can discover in the garden will only encourage their enthusiasm, love for a healthy lifestyle and spending time outside. It’s a much better solution than having… Continue Reading “How to get the kids excited about gardening this summer”