How To Keep Your Plants Alive & Get A Beautiful Garden


Have you always wanted to have a beautiful garden? I am sure you have, because everybody wants that. Yet, while some people seem to have it all together when it comes to gardening techniques, others are having a hard time keeping their plants alive. Does this mean that some people are just not cut out for gardening and that you should just give up if a few of your plants end up dying? Well, I wouldn’t blame you for coming… Continue Reading “How To Keep Your Plants Alive & Get A Beautiful Garden”

How to Pass the Lockdown Hours in Productive Ways


Lockdown is a difficult time for many people, and there are a lot of things you need to consider right now. But it is important that you make sure you do your best to come up with ideas that are going to help you pass the time in constructive and productive ways. It’s not easy being stuck at home, and this is definitely something that you need to think about as much as possible. Many people are going stir crazy… Continue Reading “How to Pass the Lockdown Hours in Productive Ways”

Beautiful lockdown projects

Banjo Robinson

Weeks and weeks in lockdown can bring you down. But there are ways to spend your time that will result in lasting results. The key to making the most of the increased time we now spend indoors is to find good projects to keep us occupied. I’ve collected some beautiful lockdown projects that will make time fly by. Photos You know all those photos that are stored here and there that you’ve been meaning to put to use? This is… Continue Reading “Beautiful lockdown projects”

Back to the Garden with Sudocrem

Back to the Garden Sudocrem logo-150 dpi

Like many families, we have resumed schoolwork with the kids this week. The work set by the school does not fill the day, and we are trying to reduce the amount of time spent on technology, which means that we have been looking for new ways to spend our time at home. One thing the kids love to get involved with is gardening as planting seeds and getting your hands dirty is a fantastic way of learning about science and… Continue Reading “Back to the Garden with Sudocrem”

How to look after your garden in wet weather

Rain window

Does it feel like this wet weather is never-ending? It almost feels like it has been raining non-stop since the kids went back to school in September and our garden is really suffering for it. The grass hasn’t had its pre-winter trim and is covered in moss and pine needles and the borders are in serious need of some TLC. Did you know that when soil is waterlogged, plants literally drown? Water fills all the air spaces between the soil… Continue Reading “How to look after your garden in wet weather”