The “say goodbye to vacuuming” gift – Eufy Robovac Review

EUFY Robovac (1)

I am not the techy person in our house, but if there was ever a product that I really wanted, it is a robot vacuum cleaner. Housework is not a task I have ever enjoyed and now I am back to work, I find that any spare time I have is used catching up on the things that need doing around the house, which feels never-ending when you have a young family in tow. We were invited to review the… Continue Reading “The “say goodbye to vacuuming” gift – Eufy Robovac Review”

5 ways to prepare your garden for winter


It is safe to say that we are well into Autumn and my garden is starting to suffer. We have lots of trees at the rear of the garden and the high winds and rain in recent weeks have meant that the grass has a covering of leaves and pine needles to contend with, that even our good old leaf vacuum is struggling to deal with. It seems odd, but put in a little effort in the garden in winter… Continue Reading “5 ways to prepare your garden for winter”

Getting Green in the Garden


With spring officially sprung and summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to get the kids out into the garden for some fresh air and mud time rather than screen time. Growing up I spent many a spring day with my grandpa in his allotment, mixing up compost, adding fertiliser and helping him plant seeds for the summer and beyond.  He grew a mix of vegetables and flowers, which led to my favourite summer activity of picking… Continue Reading “Getting Green in the Garden”

Stylish Lighting Ideas for Your Home


As you know, if you read this blog regularly, we recently tested a personal wireless lighting kit. To say we were pleased with the results is an understatement. It completely transformed how we light up some of our rooms and gave us so much more control. Our success with this kit prompted us to look more closely at how we light other areas of our home. It turns out there are lots of ways to transform your home using modern… Continue Reading “Stylish Lighting Ideas for Your Home”

Dos and don’ts when it comes to decorating


For some, decorating is an exciting time – a time to bring out their creative flair and experiment with colours, styles and accessories. For others, the idea of choosing paint and the possibility of making an expensive mistake is worrying to say the least! But with this list of decorating Do’s and Don’ts, you can rest assured. Let us boost your confidence when it comes to decorating. Don’t: Forget about seating Today everyone likes rooms sparse, but for a living… Continue Reading “Dos and don’ts when it comes to decorating”