How to declutter without guilt in time for Christmas

During the first lockdown, many of us did a huge clear-out of our homes and many a bag was taken to the charity shop or tip. I don’t know about you but this certainly made me aware of just how much waste I was creating and how many items I was purchasing that I simply didn’t need. So much so that I have made a promise to myself to be savvier with my spending moving forward to avoid fewer surplus… Continue Reading “How to declutter without guilt in time for Christmas”

How to Make the Best Use of Your Space in Lockdown


The prospect of entering another lockdown and having to spend the majority of your time at home may seem daunting to some. But this is the best time to reflect on what you didn’t enjoy about staying in so much, and endeavour to make it a more pleasurable experience this time round. One of the most common ways to ensure this is adapting your home to your new lifestyle, and adjusting the space for a healthier living arrangement, for both… Continue Reading “How to Make the Best Use of Your Space in Lockdown”

Spruce up your outside space for 2021 with these awesome garden ideas


The nights are darker, the temperature has dropped and we’re already thinking ahead to the festive season. Winter is certainly coming! However, despite the shorter days and the extra layers, it’s difficult not to fantasise about those warm, sunny days and start dreaming about the long summer of 2021. Your garden or outdoor space will now be sleeping through the winter months, ready to wake again in the spring with fresh shoots, green grass and pops of floral colour. Even… Continue Reading “Spruce up your outside space for 2021 with these awesome garden ideas”

Improve Your Bedroom Furniture With Modern Decor

photo of bedroom

Your bedroom is not like any other bedroom in the house. It is your personal space where you want to feel comfortable after a long day. Your bedroom should be functional with an elegant look to provide you with the atmosphere you desire. The modern bedroom is distinguished by minimal appearance. Your room should not be cluttered as this will have a significant impact on your mood, bringing a different effect than relaxation. The colours of the room are considered… Continue Reading “Improve Your Bedroom Furniture With Modern Decor”

Revamp your home entrance with these top (easy) tips


First impressions are a big deal whatever the situation might be. A job interview, first day, new school and even the first time someone visits your home. So you want to make sure it’s right. Your entryway is extremely easy to overlook as it’s somewhere you pass through each day – when did you last register what it might look like to an outsider? If you do register it, do you forget how you felt the instant you get through… Continue Reading “Revamp your home entrance with these top (easy) tips”