Helping children to brush their teeth for longer!

Tooth Brushing

Getting the kids to brush their teeth for anymore than a few seconds can be a challenge and Sebby is our one that finds the art of brushing his teeth tedious. Playbrush is a toothbrush that encourages play and therefore helps children brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes. We were sent the Playbrush Smart Sonic is a fully electric toothbrush that connects to the playbrush interactive app, that can be downloaded on your smart phone or tablet and… Continue Reading “Helping children to brush their teeth for longer!”

Bugs in the Kitchen Review #GoGadgetFree

Bugs in the Kitchen

On 25th June it was National Unplugging Day and we were challenged to go gadget free and spend the day from sun-up to sun-down without any technology. With traditional family values under constant attack from modern day living and a variety of mental, physical and emotional issues stemming from technology overuse it’s no wonder that people of all ages have never been more desperate to find ways to get a handle on theirs and their family. So the challenge was… Continue Reading “Bugs in the Kitchen Review #GoGadgetFree”

Our Top 5 Games to Break Out this Christmas


The Christmas tradition in our house is definitely breaking out the games. From making a fool of ourselves singing karaoke, dancing like we have no inhibitions or the more traditional board games, you can guarantee you will hear roars of laughter from our house over the Christmas break – just perhaps not when Dr Who is on! I feel like we are a year late with this one, but Abbey has bought Pie Face and cannot wait to break it out… Continue Reading “Our Top 5 Games to Break Out this Christmas”

Travel entertainment for the family


With the summer holidays finally here, many families will be taking the iconic British summer holiday. And whilst it can be the best of times, the actual journey between your home and your destination can often be somewhat stressful. So what better way to keep tempers from fraying than to invest in a few travel entertainment ideas? Travel tech There’s a whole host of handy and portable technology available nowadays that should ensure that you and your little ones are… Continue Reading “Travel entertainment for the family”

New Games from John Adams for Christmas

We love family games and the perfect time to play them is during the Christmas holidays when there is lots of family around to join in and have fun. With that in mind we were lucky enough to be sent three new games in the John Adams collection to try out. Doh-Nutters was the firm favourite right from the start as it is so easy to play……..or is it?  Will you be the first elephant to get all the donuts… Continue Reading “New Games from John Adams for Christmas”