Eight quick fundraising ideas

Many times, organisations and individuals are looking for quick fundraising either for an emergency situation, to get through the hump during mid-campaign, or to roll the ball on a longer-term campaign. Quick fundraising calls for interesting ideas to engage people and on an immediate basis. We, therefore, have compiled a list of eight quick and easy fundraising ideas that will entice people to pool in money for your non-profit and enjoy while doing it. Bring Out Your Inner Master Chef Bring together the circle of your friends, colleagues, and supporters around a friendly cooking competition. Set up a theme where …

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Pegasus Bridge

Ideas for supporting military charities in the UK

With a staggering 2,200 military charities established across the United Kingdom, the plight of our veterans is obviously a cause close to our hearts. Indeed, most of us have some kind of connection to the armed forces; it could be that our grandparents shared inspiring war stories when we were children or maybe a close relation is currently serving in a regiment; a friend, a brother, a partner? Unfortunately, all too often our veterans return to Britain suffering from serious mental and physical conditions caused by their experiences. They may require ongoing assistance and welfare support during their recovery process. What’s …

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