Baby Shower

How to Plan a Fun-Filled Baby Shower

Few moments are more exciting than the anticipation for a little bundle of joy to enter the world. A baby shower can provide a perfect opportunity to not only highlight your excitement at the impending arrival of a newborn, but it can also make your friend or relative feel both loved and valued during this emotional time. To ensure a new parent looks back on their pregnancy with a huge smile, read the below advice on how to plan a fun-filled baby shower. Choose the Perfect Date and Time Before you organise a venue and invite guests, you should confirm …

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Zoggs Body Board

Zoggs – Swimming with Superheroes

My kids love swimming! Living near the sea it is a skill I have always insisted they learn from an early age and they have all swam since babies. Isaac and Eliza are now both swimming for a swimming club, up to four times a week, which means I need to find them costumes that will not only keep their colour, but also keep their shape. I have been a fan of Zoggs swimwear since Isaac started swimming as a baby. Available in 50 countries, their swimwear, goggles, learning aids and training accessories are made to stand up to the …

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Mobile Phone

How mums can have fun online

Being a parent, especially one that stays at home with the kids full-time, takes up so much of your time it can make it difficult for you to do anything just for personal entertainment. Finding things to do online is a good option because you don’t need to leave the house and you already have everything you will need to do it. Life as a stay at home mum or dad, while being enormously rewarding, can leave you with little time for yourself. You are still an individual with your own interests and desires and it is important that you …

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Wheely Bright

Making your bike Wheely Bright with JML Direct

I pride myself that the kids and I walk to school everyday. Well, when I say walk, what I mean is I walk and they take their bike or scooter and speed off ahead of me. Now the nights are drawing in, they all have coats that have reflectors on them, but I still worry that they may not be seen, but have a fun answer to this problem. Wheely Bright LED wheel lights brighten up any bike, making you stand out from the crowd and more visible at night. Available in cool white, neon pink, vivid green and bike-bright blue, Wheely …

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Easter Egg Hunting Fun with Tesco

Easter egg hunting is one of the highlights for Easter for us. As a family we normally attend a few, some organised like the National Trust and Lulworth Castle ones like we did last year, one at home and always one at Nanny’s house too (she has the best garden for hiding easter eggs in). This Easter, Tesco wants to inspire people to make the most of the holiday weekend and make it a real family occasion so they Tesco us a huge hamper of Easter goodies and asked us to stage our very own Easter egg hunt to celebrate. …

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