Making your bike Wheely Bright with JML Direct

Wheely Bright

I pride myself that the kids and I walk to school everyday. Well, when I say walk, what I mean is I walk and they take their bike or scooter and speed off ahead of me. Now the nights are drawing in, they all have coats that have reflectors on them, but I still worry that they may not be seen, but have a fun answer to this problem. Wheely Bright LED wheel lights brighten up any bike, making you stand… Continue Reading “Making your bike Wheely Bright with JML Direct”

Easter Egg Hunting Fun with Tesco

Easter egg hunting is one of the highlights for Easter for us. As a family we normally attend a few, some organised like the National Trust and Lulworth Castle ones like we did last year, one at home and always one at Nanny’s house too (she has the best garden for hiding easter eggs in). This Easter, Tesco wants to inspire people to make the most of the holiday weekend and make it a real family occasion so they Tesco… Continue Reading “Easter Egg Hunting Fun with Tesco”

Making Brushing your Teeth Fun with Playbrush


Do you have a reluctant tooth brusher in the house? Well brushing teeth just got techy! Playbrush has been developed by a start-up company as a fun way to get over the problem of getting children to brush their teeth properly and we were sent one to review. No matter how much supervision they have when brushing their teeth, we rarely make it to 2 minutes brush time – it just feels too long and they get restless and bored.… Continue Reading “Making Brushing your Teeth Fun with Playbrush”

Making a Break for it!


We are a very outdoorsy family and normally a little bit of rain doesn’t stop us from getting outside, however when that rain is constant and torrential like is has been almost constantly for weeks, even we stay indoors. On Sunday the day started as it had been for the previous week – raining, however my weather app predicted a two-hour break between 2pm and 4pm so I bundled the kids in the car and made our way to the… Continue Reading “Making a Break for it!”

Sebby’s Swimming Update – The Toddler Lessons

It is has been 9 month since we announced that we were Konfidence swimologists and I am shocked by how far Sebastian has come along with his lessons since then. We have been swimming with Turtle Tots Dorset since Sebastian was 3 months old, been through the water wobbles a couple of times but are now well and truly out the other side with a confident and happy boy in the water. This term Sebby as really turned a corner… Continue Reading “Sebby’s Swimming Update – The Toddler Lessons”