Palace Pets Glitzy Glitter Friends Review

Palace Pets

Like many young girls, Eliza is Disney Princess mad and adores the range of Palace Pets, which are a range of cute animals that belong to one of the Disney Princesses. We were sent Treasure (Ariel’s Kitty), Glitzy Glitter Friends from Character Options to review – the collection also includes; Pumpkin (Cinderella’s Puppy), Beauty (Aurora’s Kitty) and Petit (Belle’s Pony). In the pack is everything you need to get your pet ready for the royal ball including a tiara, ball… Continue Reading “Palace Pets Glitzy Glitter Friends Review”

The Bat in the Belfry


I am finding the teen a real struggle these summer holidays! Not because he is naughty, or under my feet, or rude, but because he is choosing to spend ALL his time in his bedroom like a bat in a Belfry, only appearing for food or a drink. Try as I might to get him to phone his friends and arrange to go out, he just won’t do it and getting him out the house is like pulling teeth! Much… Continue Reading “The Bat in the Belfry”

A Little Bit of Rope

Bournemouth Beach

At 13, Kian is starting to become ever more independent and often doesn’t want to join us on days out with the little ones, even though he has a fab time when we are there. The trouble is, if I let him stay at home you can guarantee that he won’t move from the Xbox or laptop so I normally end up insisting he comes along. Hubby and I were always out as kids and were always outside come rain… Continue Reading “A Little Bit of Rope”