Giraffe, the new addition to Tesco

Giraffe Restaurants

A Giraffe? In Tesco? Well sort of. I was first introduced to Giraffe restaurants on twitter a couple of years ago, seeing lots of tweets about how wonderful and family friendly they are.  At the time I checked to see if there were any locally and was disappointed to discover that our nearest one was in Guildford! Having worked at Tesco for too many years to count, I still follow what they are up to and was very interested to discover… Continue Reading “Giraffe, the new addition to Tesco”

Xeno – the must have toy for Christmas!


We were very lucky to be invited to the Xeno launch at London Zoo last month. Xeno is a loveable baby monster who really interacts and play with you!  He is made from a soft rubber material and he definitely has a look you either love or hate.  It is safe to say that Eliza and Isaac adore him, although they cannot decide on their favourite colour.  He comes in Ultra Violet, Pacific Blue and Burn’t Orange. Xeno has 10+… Continue Reading “Xeno – the must have toy for Christmas!”

Scottish Friendly – #Thriftyfamily Campaign with Louie Spence


Scottish Friendly launched the #ThriftyFamily campaign with Louie Spence this week. Over the coming weeks Louie will demonstrate some of his favourite money saving tips with a series of videos. These videos will be posted daily via Scottish Friendly’s Vine, Instagram and YouTube accounts. Apart from posting Louie’s tips on their social channels, Scottish Friendly are wanting people to record their own money favourite money saving tips and share the video via their social channels (using the #thriftyfamily hashtag). The best tip will be… Continue Reading “Scottish Friendly – #Thriftyfamily Campaign with Louie Spence”

Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre

I have been meaning to visit Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre for years, but have never got round to it for one reason or another, so when my friend Joanne from Charliemoos spotted a, not to be missed, special offer on Living Social we bought our tickets and set a date to visit. The centre is signposted well from the main A31, but isn’t from the back way in and I managed to miss my turning but I got… Continue Reading “Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre”

Camp Bestival 2014 – The Finale


The final day of Camp Bestival had arrived and despite having an amazing time, we decided to pack up the tent in the morning with the aim of leaving after the fireworks in the evening – but not before cooking a sausage sandwich breakfast on our camping stove. Taking the tent down was fairly painless, although we couldn’t get the zip done up on the bag, but it was in!  Hubby and Kian took five trips to the cars, just… Continue Reading “Camp Bestival 2014 – The Finale”