Banish bad smells with Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri

Living in a house of boys means that their toilet habits and smells are often a topic of conversation, with “drive-by incidents” the source of much hilarity! It is a running joke that one of them is off to “drop the kids off” and that the toilet is best avoided for some time. We were invited to try Poo Pourri, an amazing air freshener brand designed especially to eliminate bad toilet odours. How it works: Spritz the bowl before-you-go to… Continue Reading “Banish bad smells with Poo Pourri”

scentaddict – the new monthly subscription service


I have tried many a beauty box in my time, but none have really come up to scratch or suited me. I am not really a big fan of trying new make-up and skincare as having sensitive skin, I tend to stick to what I know doesn’t irritate it. The one beauty product I do like is perfumes, but I always find it tricky to find the right one as you tend to go nose blind after trying one or… Continue Reading “scentaddict – the new monthly subscription service”

Christy Towels launch a new Candle Range

Christy Towels¬†are well known for making super soft, fluffy towels and understand the concept of having 5 minutes peace by relaxing in the bath away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so with this in mind they have just launched their new range of candles. Candle No.1¬†has a beautiful blend of soothing chamomile layered with delicate notes of lemon blossom and violet all resting on a base of sweet musk and precious woods. Candle No.2 features a rich… Continue Reading “Christy Towels launch a new Candle Range”