Rethinking Toddler Portion Sizes #rethinktoddlerportionsizes


During my pregnancies with Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian I suffered with Gestational Diabetes and my sessions with the dietician was a real eye opener, especially when it came to mealtime portion sizes. It made me realise that the portion sizes we had been having were on the large side and not only did the family start changing its eating habits, but we all started eating healthier. Sebastian is now 3 and is a real grazer when it comes to eating.… Continue Reading “Rethinking Toddler Portion Sizes #rethinktoddlerportionsizes”

7 Must-Have Food Items for Weeknight Dinners


We’ve all been there. You’ve just clocked in another exhausting shift at work, navigated the stressful commute home and finally stumbled through the door… with a rumbling belly and little enthusiasm to invest much time in creating a Cordon Bleu dish. While it’s tempting to whip out the takeaway menus and dial in a dinner, it’s also an unnecessarily expensive option. Keeping the pantry (and the freezer!) stocked with just a few simple items means that you’ll never be far… Continue Reading “7 Must-Have Food Items for Weeknight Dinners”

Christmas at Frankie & Benny’s

When hubby worked next door to Frankie & Benny’s at Castlepoint we used to be frequent visitors and I have to admit that it went downhill and we have not been for about 5 years, so when we were invited to try out their festive menu I was interested to see if they had improved. We chose to visit the Frankie & Benny’s restaurant at Tower Park as that is closer to us and when we arrived at 5pm we… Continue Reading “Christmas at Frankie & Benny’s”

Premier Inn unveils it’s new bed

Premier Inn

As my 40th birthday fell on the day of Britmums I wanted my family with me so we could see some of the London sights the following day. I looked into hotels that would fit us all in, but sadly when travelling with 6 of you nowhere affordable seems to have the room! Premier Inn came to my rescue and offered us two family rooms in their London City Old Street Hotel to try out their fabulous new beds. Premier Inn’s… Continue Reading “Premier Inn unveils it’s new bed”

Squeeze with Eeeze with Sili Squeeze™

In April I announced that my Britmums Live sponsor was the fabulous Sili Squeeze™. We have been busy putting the Sili Squeeze™  – a reusable food pouch that lets your little one enjoy delicious blends of freshly pureed food while on-the-go to the test with the kids. Sebastian was the first to give it a go, but now Eliza and Isaac have got in on the action, using our 6oz Sili Squeeze™ for yoghurt and smoothy treats when we are out and about. This Sili… Continue Reading “Squeeze with Eeeze with Sili Squeeze™”