Must-Visit Cities in Japan for Foodies

Japanese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and we have seen a real surge of Japanese restaurants popping up on our high streets in the UK. But what if you are travelling to one of the best Asian destinations? Did you know that Tokyo restaurants have the most Michelin stars of any city in the world, with an astonishing 314 total stars in 2018, 173 more than closest rival Paris! Check out some of the best Tokyo restaurants to get a good variety of the foods that this fabulous country has to offer, but here …

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Kids Cutlery

How to get your Kids using Cutlery

Babies and toddlers are continually learning and developing their motor skills, cognitive ability, and personal habits and preferences. For parents, there’s nothing quite as exciting as watching their kids steadily scaling new mental heights and achieving new physical milestones. Sometimes though, parents need to take control of their development, particularly when it involves complicated areas that require multiple leaps of mental and physical advancements such as developing healthy eating habits. A great way to start toddlers on the right path is by introducing children’s cutlery sets at meal time. However, when shopping for kids cutlery sets, please make sure that …

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Trolley Bags

Top Ten Tips for Christmas Food Shopping

Shopping for food at Christmas is possibly one of the most stressful parts of Christmas. I worked in a supermarket for 16 years and Christmas was always one of my favourite times of year, everyone was (mostly) cheerier, the time just flew past and it was the one time you could eat on the shopfloor – chocolate anyone? However, there are some tips I have to share: Don’t leave the Christmas essentials to the last minute. They’ve been in stock since September so don’t expect the aisles to be overflowing with mince pies and other festive treats Order your Turkey …

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Bird Box

5 Things You Should Be Feeding Birds This Winter

Winter can be a hard time for birds. The cooler weather, reduced vegetation and harder ground can make it difficult for them to survive on their usual diet of insects, spiders and worms. That’s why it’s so important that more of us install bird feeders in our gardens so we can provide birds with a continual, plentiful supply of food throughout the winter. But, the question is, what should you be putting on the menu? Here are five ideas you might like to consider to help see local birds through the colder months. 1. Suet Balls Suet balls are high …

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Carnival Vista

Fine Dining aboard the Carnival Vista

I have already posted about where to eat for free aboard the Carnival Vista, but they also offer some magnificent restaurants onboard and I urge you to check out at least one during your cruise. Now, I cannot give you our favourite restaurant as they are so different, yet all are amazing in their own way. The first restaurant we got to try was JiJi Asian Kitchen. JiJi, meaning lucky lucky, serves up enticing dishes in a restaurant designed with an Asian theme. JiJi offers a full-service menu featuring a mix of exotic and familiar dishes designed to challenge and …

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