Leaving the Ground with Smiley Faces: How to Keep Kids Happy at the Airport

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You’ve spent hours preparing for this family holiday and it’s finally arrived. You’ve packed everything you need, chosen the best flights to coincide with nap time, have laboured over seat assignments, and stocked up on games for the kids’ tablets. You know you’ve done everything, but there’s still that hurdle of surviving your time in the airport with the kids. How can you make sure it runs smoothly and goes without a hitch? Here are our top tips: Allow Plenty… Continue Reading “Leaving the Ground with Smiley Faces: How to Keep Kids Happy at the Airport”

The Monkey, The Elephant and the Plane


During the weeks before our holiday to Turkey, Isaac was understandably nervous about flying as he had never flown before and despite numerous reassurances that it was nothing to worry about in the run up to our holiday, he looked terrified as we boarded the plane. The Stewardesses spotted his nerves and kindly took him to meet the pilot in the cockpit before it was time to take our seats and he came away proudly sporting a Pilot sticker and… Continue Reading “The Monkey, The Elephant and the Plane”