The #PetitsFilousFirsts Challenge

Petit Filous

Childhood is filled with magical “firsts”, especially when your little one becomes increasingly physically active – their first trip to the park, beach, zoo and much more! June is a busy month for us as today sees my eldest, Abbey, turn 23 and then at the end of the month Callan celebrates his 19th birthday and Sebby turns the grand old age of 3! Even now some of my children are young adults we still celebrate their firsts, only it’s more… Continue Reading “The #PetitsFilousFirsts Challenge”

First Shoes


It has been a long time coming, but Sebastian has finally started walking! Since he was born he has hated having things covering his feet so it has been a real battle trying to persuade him he needs to wear socks, never mind shoes now the weather is turning.  He did have a pair of cruisers and managed to lose one in the middle of Alton Towers somewhere as he kept taking them off so we have moved straight onto… Continue Reading “First Shoes”

My First Car Story

The other day Callan mentioned he was starting to save up for his first car which got us chatting about my first car and he was surprised that I had one so cool.  He does have delusions of something grand and super fast and I hate to dampen his spirits but I really don’t think that he will be getting an Aston Martin or a Lamborghini any time soon. I learned to drive in my Mums dark blue Morris Minor and was driving that around for… Continue Reading “My First Car Story”

A parent’s guide to a child’s first pop concert

Camp Bestival

Going to a real concert for the first time is a rite of passage in any young person’s life. If your child has started to nag you to take them to see one of their favourite music groups, this is an exciting time as it marks a major milestone in the development of their personal tastes and influences. No longer content with singing along to the alphabet song with people dressed up in colourful animal costumes, your little one is… Continue Reading “A parent’s guide to a child’s first pop concert”

My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Doug Review

Are you on the lookout for stocking fillers for your little one? My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Doug is a super sized ‘Kid Tough’ character! Sebastian loves charging around the lounge pushing him along and then piling up his bucket with bricks and then tipping it up! Doug’s big chunky big wheels are ready for any indoor or outdoor challenge!   Small world toys, such as Doug, require children to use imagination, language, finding out about the world, and even… Continue Reading “My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Doug Review”