Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet – Perfect for Travel

Amazon Fire Tablet

We are a family that travels a fair bit, whether it be hopping in the car for a day out or travelling farther afield by train or plane. The tricky bit about travelling with a young family, is finding something that can keep the kids occupied, but also isn’t too bulky to carry – there is only so much I-Spy that one can tolerate on a journey. Over the half term break, we were lucky enough to enjoy a short… Continue Reading “Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet – Perfect for Travel”

Dreaming of a cosy evening around the fire


I had to pop to the shop this evening and as I stepped out the door I noticed that there was a real chill in the air, despite having a coat on. I am quite stubborn when it comes to putting on the heating and will not have it on until at least October, preferring to layer up with jumpers instead, but there is one thing I would do now if I had one – light the fire. Our last… Continue Reading “Dreaming of a cosy evening around the fire”