Four Ways to Start Cutting Down Your Monthly Expenses

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Whether you are saving up for a big purchase or just want to have more disposable income left over after paying off your priority bills, reducing your monthly expenses is one of the best ways to meet your financial goals. Most of us are paying out each month for things that simply aren’t worth it – and if you’re often left wondering where your money has gone at the end of every month, reducing your monthly expenses gives you a… Continue Reading “Four Ways to Start Cutting Down Your Monthly Expenses”

Setting them up for their future – teaching your little ones good spending habits

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I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my life when I had plenty of money sitting in my bank account and yet back then, I still thought I was in a monetary pickle. Fast forward to today and I’m probably worse off and would give anything to have my old bank account worries back! I was never really given or taught any financial advice; you’d think it was something they’d teach in schools…how to manage your… Continue Reading “Setting them up for their future – teaching your little ones good spending habits”

How to Get the Best Price for Your Car

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All good things must come to an end. Even a partnership with a reliable motor. As sad as it may seem, we can’t rely on the same car forever.  Whether it’s a big move or a growing family, there are several reasons why a change in vehicle is required. And to replace one for another, we usually need to sell our current automobile.  This prospect concerns most of us. However, if this relates to you, fear no more. There are failsafe… Continue Reading “How to Get the Best Price for Your Car”

Money lessons – getting the kids in the know

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At school children are taught the importance of numbers, which coins are worth what and how to add, subtract, divide and multiply. But what kids aren’t taught, is the value of money. That tricky subject is left down to us. So how to we go about teaching our children the importance of saving, making good choices and how to effectively manage their money. Whether it’s a few coins from their pocket money or a substantial amount for a birthday or… Continue Reading “Money lessons – getting the kids in the know”

New Car Shopping!

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Buying a car is probably the second most expensive purchase there is after buying a home, so choosing the right one for is vital. Last year my beloved Citroen C4 Picasso blew up and I have to admit that we bought my next car in a bit of a hurry and much as it is safe and reliable, I just don’t love it. Although I am persevering with my car, it is looking like Hubby’s needs replacing as it has… Continue Reading “New Car Shopping!”