Camp Bestival Fun in the Kids Upper and Lower Gardens 2016

Camp Bestival

The one thing that Camp Bestival does brilliantly is put on activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. We have already admitted that the Dingly Dell is our favourite hang out but that does not detract from all the other things on offer and the Kids Upper and Lower Gardens are firm favourites too. At Butlins earlier this year the kids all bravely tried out the Helter Skelter, having not been interested before, and it was one of the… Continue Reading “Camp Bestival Fun in the Kids Upper and Lower Gardens 2016”

Camping Pitch Village Style

Pitch Village

For this years Camp Bestival we ditched our normal routine of car jenga, where we normally squeeze our large 8 man tent in the car along with all the paraphernalia that accompanies a trip away camping and trust me, our car is normally rammed. I was hopeful that we would get away with taking just one car, but with two trolley’s, suitcases and 6 people we still needed to take two, but everyone was comfortable rather than rammed in like… Continue Reading “Camping Pitch Village Style”

Camp Bestival 2016 – The Dingly Dell

Lizzie's Way

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Dingly Dell is our favourite haunt at Camp Bestival and this year was our most magical yet. The Dingly Dell takes you away from the rush of the festival and into the nurturing bosom of nature’s playground. In the daytime, the kids adore exploring Lizzie’s Way where they get to read stories, act out puppet shows, make mud pies and potions and make wishes to fairies. Walk a little further in and try your… Continue Reading “Camp Bestival 2016 – The Dingly Dell”

Releasing our inner Dinosaur with TellTails


When we had our first experience of TellTails on our first visit to Camp Bestival and are proud owners of a Cheshire cat tail that proudly comes with us every year. TellTails believe that everyone has a tail in them just waiting to be wagged, a residual longing not quite expelled from the evolutionary process. A TellTail is a handmade, wearable animal tail for humans. They are made of a range of different fabrics and are stuffed so you can bend them,… Continue Reading “Releasing our inner Dinosaur with TellTails”

Exploring Hive Beach and the Spring Tide Festival

Hive Beach

We adore heading off to local events in our home county of Dorset and one of our favourites is the Spring Tide Festival in Burton Bradstock.  Last year was a gloriously hot day and the kids had so much fun painting fossils, making butterfly cones and watching the Punch and Judy show, so when we arrived they were eager to get out the car to see what was on offer this year. The show gets more and more popular every… Continue Reading “Exploring Hive Beach and the Spring Tide Festival”