Holiday Tips for Parents


Going abroad with the family is always an exciting time. Some of my favourite memories from travelling as a child is visiting new places, learning a new language and using a foreign currency. Fast forward a few years to my children and nothing has really changed. They love exploring new destinations, always make an effort to learn some of the language of and are always fascinated by using different money. Budgeting whilst on holiday is always something I find tricky… Continue Reading “Holiday Tips for Parents”

All the fun of the Farm at Eco-Gites of Lenault

Eco-Gites of Lenault

Being a family of 6, hotel stays can be really awkward as they just don’t make family rooms that are big enough for our family so we have to pay extra to have two rooms which really adds to the cost of a holiday, so we tend to look for holiday cottages or large caravans that can comfortably sleep us all. I am always nervous of staying in new places and have to admit that I prefer to stay somewhere where… Continue Reading “All the fun of the Farm at Eco-Gites of Lenault”

We are Unstoppable now!!

Crystal Ski Holidays

We have had almost a week of having two children down with the dreaded lurgy, which also means we have been stuck indoors which is most unlike us as we like to be out and about, scrunching through leaves, leaping in muddy puddles and finding adventure around every corner. As I sat snuggled up with Sebby my imagination drifted off to plan our perfect family holiday. Much as we all love a little sunshine, at this time of year I dream… Continue Reading “We are Unstoppable now!!”

Mark Warner Sea Garden Holiday’s for Grown Ups

Back at the end of May 2015 we went to MW Sea Garden resort in Bodrum, Turkey and it was everything the perfect family break should be.  The travel and accommodation was just right and knowing the kids were happy and well cared for in the childcare  facilities they have on offer meant that hubby and I got to spend some time together too. Our first evening was spent finding our feet, we attended two short meetings on the lawn –… Continue Reading “Mark Warner Sea Garden Holiday’s for Grown Ups”

Konfidence UV Suits Review

Living on the coast means we spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer and there are two things that I would never be without – UV swimwear and sun cream! Protection from the sun started when I was a child.  I have very pale skin and just a few minutes in the sun would cause me to burn, so have always covered myself up as it is the best way to prevent sun damage for all ages… Continue Reading “Konfidence UV Suits Review”