How to Keep Kids Entertained Without Technology

The NHSGGC reports that UK children aged 5 to 16 years spend 3 hours behind the screen daily, meaning that they spend 21 hours weekly. Indeed, technology is the future and may explain why several parents give their kids a head start by allowing them to spend hours behind the tablet, phone, or game console.  However, these gadgets keep children glued to the screen, inadvertently substituting parental supervision. Because this is an ongoing debate worldwide, you may read further for tips on keeping your children entertained without the screen. Create a conducive yard for play and exploration If you have …

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Epic Escapes Starter Pack Box

Win an Escape Room in a Box from Epic Escapes Starter Pack

Are you struggling for things to do with your tweens / teens this lockdown? Walking is great, but there are only so many loops of the local park that you can do and teenagers are notoriously hard to motivate in the first place and whilst Zoom quiz nights with extended family are fun, we all need a break from time to time. Why not try Epic Escapes – an escape room in a box that you can set up in your own home. Requiring a minimum 3-6 players, the Starter Pack includes three different escape rooms, with all the rooms …

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Pillow Flight

Which Indoor Game Are You Playing in Lockdown? 

How are you and your family holding up during lockdown? While kids being always bored can be a threat to any parent’s sanity – everyone can use this time to bond better as a family. It may be unusual for your kids to engage in stimulating conversation, reading, and other classic screen-free activities, but this can be the best time for them to appreciate what life is like before screens were invented. We can only do so much, watching the same shows repeatedly, or playing video games for the nth time. Everyone needs to get some adrenaline pumping! Active play is critical …

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Fun things to do outside when it’s cold

Winter weather can make getting outdoors seem like an ordeal – cold temperatures, snow, frost and ice and a lack of warm sunshine can make even the most outdoorsy family want to hibernate inside. In my experience, the kids are less bothered about challenging weather conditions than adults, especially if their are things to catch their attention and play with. The important thing is to layer up and wrap them up nice and warm, with a special focus on hats, gloves and snuggly warm socks. Fun things to do outside when it’s cold A frozen puddle is a great source of fun. Not only can they …

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Port Isaac

6 Family-friendly Activities and Attractions in Cornwall

2018 is the year of the staycation, and while there are many destinations and hideaways all over the UK, family favourite Cornwall tends to take the crown. Nestled in the depths of south-west England, the geographical features of the landscape make it the ideal family retreat, with an array of beautiful beaches and scenic coastal paths to discover and explore. Further to that, there is also a plethora of family-friendly attractions, all of which offer fantastically fun and educational experiences for children of all ages, to add to your bucket list for 2018. Below, you can find just seven of …

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