Children’s Health at School


When you have a baby it is common to have them regularly weighed and measured to track their progress and during these times you can chat to a Health Visitor about the childs progress and any concerns you may have. As they get older these checks diminish. Sebastian recently underwent a two year check and with the exception of his speech he is perfectly average and as we speak his speech has come of leaps and bounds since. Eliza has… Continue Reading “Children’s Health at School”

Novotel Hotels Launch a Partnership with Quinny

Novotel hotels have partnered with Quinny, the award winning pram and pushchair manufacturer, to provide families with Quinny YEZZ buggies and make travelling with young children easier. The Quinny YEZZ buggies will be free to hire for hotel family guests* to use during their stay at any of the 33 Novotel hotels around the UK from April.  Available in a choice of three colours – red, purple or grey – children can choose their favourite colour and travel in style!… Continue Reading “Novotel Hotels Launch a Partnership with Quinny”

How to Teach Table Etiquette to Children

children eating

From slurping soup to putting elbows on the table, there are many table etiquette children needs to know even while enjoying a meal. Although it may seem innocent, the habits can be embarrassing for parents when dining at home or in a public place. To teach your children manners while at the dinner table, there are a few steps to follow for long-term success. Constantly Remind the Child It’s important to remember that children don’t come out of the womb… Continue Reading “How to Teach Table Etiquette to Children”

Why You Should Take Your Child Along on an Adventure Holiday

For many of us parents, a family holiday involves sun, sand, a bucket and spade, and ice-cream available close by. Some parents may have a burning desire to venture off the beaten track, but feel they can’t as such a trip would not be suitable for families. For those who need a break from the norm, here are some quirky ideas which happily accommodate children. Kolarbyn Ecolodge For those parents who love the great outdoors, you might want to consider… Continue Reading “Why You Should Take Your Child Along on an Adventure Holiday”

Junk Food Kids – shock tactics or a grim reality?

Last week we watched the Channel 4 program Junk Food Kids where it was revealed that a third of British children are overweight or obese. The series asks how the epidemic happened and what can be done and I have to admit we were shocked by what we saw. There was the mum who let her kids graze on everything from sushi to orange juice and chocolate as they did their weekly shop, another who attended a doctors meeting with… Continue Reading “Junk Food Kids – shock tactics or a grim reality?”