Protecting Your Health: It’s About More Than Your Workout


We all do our best to lead a healthy lifestyle. We understand that the everyday choices we make today will have a profound and lasting impact on our capacity to be there for our kids when we need them. We want to see them grow up, have kids of their own and grow older along with us. But with so many demands on our time and attention, we can develop an over-simplistic attitude towards our health. If we’re working out… Continue Reading “Protecting Your Health: It’s About More Than Your Workout”

Rekindle the joy of cycling, one trike at a time

Learning to ride a bike is a right of passage for most children and many start this journey on a tricycle, before upgrading to two wheels as they get more proficient. Cycling is my go to choice of exercise and I find cycling through the countryside with the wind in my hair, a really invigorating experience. In fact cycling can be enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Whether you’re cycling to work, to school,… Continue Reading “Rekindle the joy of cycling, one trike at a time”

Taking the Stronger Bones Challenge with YAZOO KiDS


Did you know that childhood, adolescence and early adulthood up to the mid-20s, when the skeleton is growing, are the time for building strong bones? There are a two ways that we can ensure that our kids develop strong muscles and bones: Physical activity and eating a healthy, balanced diet. The Change4Life campaign gives families fun ideas to help kids stay active and healthy, with exercise challenges and advise on how to cut back on sugar by making a few simple… Continue Reading “Taking the Stronger Bones Challenge with YAZOO KiDS”

#FitToDance with Disney On Ice

At the end of August we were invited to attend a Fit to Dance session with Peter Andre and his son Junior by Disney On Ice. Do you worry about your kids not getting enough exercise, or not using their imaginations are their noses are buried in an iPad or video games? Fit to Dance is a new programme that gives your children a chance to share in the magical world of Disney On Ice by creating their own wonderful stories… Continue Reading “#FitToDance with Disney On Ice”