Nantes Castle

International Carriers Can Now Register for Entry/Exit System & ETIAS on EU-LISA Website

By the website of EU-LISA, international carriers, sea carriers, and air carriers transporting groups overlanding by coach are now eligible for registering for the EES (Entry/Exit System) and ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System). According to the European Agency for the Operational Management of large-scale IT systems (EU-LISA) in the Area of Justice, Security, and Freedom, the registration will permit the carriers to get the required information for preparing for these 2 systems. For further information, you should check the requirements. We will be discussing about the registration for ETIAS and EES for international carriers that can be applied …

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Disneyland Paris

When is the Best Time to Visit Disneyland Paris and What Would You Expect to see?

Disneyland Paris is an enchanted park with twists, improvements, and embellishments that supersede the original. You could visit the park any time of the year and still have lots of fun. In addition to that, it’s never crowded (especially when you compare it with American parks). There are many factors that you’ll need to take into consideration when visiting parks. They include the number of people at the park, scheduled refurbishments, weather, etc. We have done our analysis and now present you with some of the best periods you should consider visiting Disneyland Paris, plus inspirational discounts and the best …

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Meteora Greece

An Overview of European Countries: There’s Something to Be Found for Connoisseurs and Party-Goers Alike

To date, 40% of international travel is to a country apart of the European Union. In 2016 alone, the European Union had approximately 500 million tourists visiting from around the world. Wow! Due to Europe’s popularity as a tourist destination, it’s no surprise if you’re one of many who’d be interested in booking a stay in at least one of its 44 incredible countries. But with dozens of possible European places to visit, which will you pick? Here’s a little travel tip: choose a country that you know will suit your tastes in terms of things to do, sights to …

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Fairytale Castles in Germany that Your Kids Will Love

Eliza and Abbey are obsessed with fairytales and princesses, so I was thinking that a themed holiday would be one that would be both memorable for them and something we would enjoy as a family, as we really love to travel. Germany is a destination that is known for its gorgeous ‘fairytale’ castles and has been on my ‘travel bucket list’, for some time too! So visiting castles like the ones in Germany could very possibly be the ultimate holiday for them, and for the family in general! Travel tips for Germany with kids Make an itinerary Especially when traveling …

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portugal chelseamama

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Portugal

Portugal is a favourite holiday destination for many families. With a host of child-friendly beaches, some spectacular hotels and villas, and a fantastic variety of outdoor activities available, there is no wonder thousands of travellers head to the country each year to spend their annual leave.  There are, however, some rarely known facts about Portugal that are both intriguing and impressive. If you are planning a visit this year, then why not discuss the below facts with your family before you go to spark up some pre-holiday conversation and excitement.    It is one of the oldest countries in Europe  …

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