Planning to Travel Soon? Here are Factors that you Should Consider

Travelling is something that you cannot avoid in your lifetime. The destination can be within your country of residence or across borders. Whether you are traveling locally or going abroad, there are certain factors that you must consider before you start the journey. Having all the necessary documentation is one of the aspects that you cannot overlook. Luckily, most countries are transferring their immigration services online. If you plan a trip to the USA, you can apply for family ESTA and get authorisation to get into the country without visiting the land-based offices with similar services. The Electronic System for …

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Magic Kingdom

Things you need to know before visiting the USA

It was a dream of mine to take the kids to Disney World in Florida for many years and back in 2016 we finally realised our dream. What I wasn’t expecting was all the paperwork and extra expense that goes with booking a holiday to the USA and our first hurdle to overcome was updating our passports, as two of them had just under 6 months left on them. Our second hurdle was applying for an ESTA for each of us. All you need to know about the ESTA for the US As UK citizens, we are automatically members of …

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