Back to school essentials


It is just 8 days until the kids go back to school and I am knee deep in preparations for their return. This September, Isaac is moving up to Secondary School, so has a list of essential items that he must have, but do check with your own school as many will have different requirements. Backpack I don’t know how they do it, but my kids manage to fill their backpacks to the brim, with library books, homework and various… Continue Reading “Back to school essentials”

Must have DIY tools for your tool box

Tool Box

It used to be a bit of a running joke that my husband should not be allowed to do any DIY in the house as things had a tendency to go awry. Thankfully a couple of stints working for businesses that specialise in home improvement  have improved his skills no-end and now he actually enjoys tinkering with things that need fixing around the house. It also means that he is busily expanding his tool collection and he now gets excited… Continue Reading “Must have DIY tools for your tool box”

Essentials for a new office

Firms can now furnish and adorn their working environments with a plethora of products, but not all of these items are essential. If you’re setting up a new office and want to focus on purchasing must-have products first, this brief guide should help. Good quality desks and seating No working area is complete without comfortable seating and sufficient desk space. Luckily, it’s now easy to find these items. Specialist suppliers like Furniture At Work™ offer an array of options and… Continue Reading “Essentials for a new office”

Toddler Travel with Lindam


Lindam understands that travelling with toddlers can be a challenge, that’s why their travel safety range provides convenient additional safety and comfort for your child whilst making parents life easier. One of my favourite items is the Safe View Mirror which enables you to see what your little (and not so little) ones are up to in the back of the car.  Simply attach it to your rear view mirror and you can easily rotate it and extend it to… Continue Reading “Toddler Travel with Lindam”

Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime and teach your little ones to swim!

Underwater photo

This month HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® has launched a new campaign to inspire parents to reap the many benefits and go swimming more often. The Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime campaign aims to encourage parents to take their little ones swimming from an early age to impart this vital life skill. Katie says: ‘By taking your little one swimming from an early age, it increases their confidence in the water which means that they are safer.  Water safety is… Continue Reading “Start a Habit That Lasts a Lifetime and teach your little ones to swim!”