Eliza is 8!!

Eliza 8

Every year it feels like time is marching on at an even greater speed than the year before and as soon as we welcome the new year, we have our first birthday of the year – Eliza. This year she turns 8 and what I love about blogging is that I can look back and see exactly what she liked / disliked at any given moment. With my older ones, I have a vague recollection that they loved Power Puff… Continue Reading “Eliza is 8!!”

Now you are six, Eliza!!

Eliza Birthday

Last week Eliza turned the grand of age of 6 and thoroughly enjoyed her My Little Pony birthday Party. Eliza is completely outnumbered by boys in our house but she still makes sure that she has a girly influence over the household and is a very strong-willed and determined little thing. People often ask if bringing up boys and girls is very different and the answer is a resounding yes. Although the boys like different things, there is a running… Continue Reading “Now you are six, Eliza!!”

Eliza’s My Little Pony Craft Party

For her last two birthday’s, Eliza has had a princess theme with her favourite princesses coming to her party to play games with her and her guests. Although she toyed with the idea of having princesses again, this year she decided she wanted to do something different and decided upon a My Little Pony party. Now getting Rainbow Dash and crew to turn up to a party just was not going to happen, so we got our thinking caps on.… Continue Reading “Eliza’s My Little Pony Craft Party”