Transforming our old train table into a LEGO table

LEGO Table Kids

We have had a train table in our front room for around 5 years now and it has been well loved and used. Sebastian is starting to outgrow his wooden train sets now and prefers building LEGO creations at the table. The table itself was in good condition, but the hard board base was looking tired and worn and we were keen to update it into something more useful and the idea of a dedicated LEGO table was born. We… Continue Reading “Transforming our old train table into a LEGO table”

Getting our LEGO on at Brick 2015

Brick 2015

My boys, lets include Hubby in that statement, love LEGO! It is always a staple gift for Christmas Day and this year was no exception, which every member of the family getting LEGO in one form or another. The weekend before Christmas we got to indulge in all things LEGO at Brick 2015¬†and not only were there pre-built LEGO models to admire, but huge¬†BRICK pits where there were over 3 million bricks in them and free building is positively encouraged… Continue Reading “Getting our LEGO on at Brick 2015”