Rapidough – The Family game of modelling Play Dough


Christmas time for us is when we break all the board games out and enjoy a family challenge and this year we have a new game to play, Rapidough from Drumond Park RRP: £27.99. The best way to describe the game is like a sculpting version of charades and the kids couldn’t wait to break the play dough out of the box. In the box are two plastic mats, two pots of modelling dough, two modelling knives, two dough pluggers… Continue Reading “Rapidough – The Family game of modelling Play Dough”

Foxy Pants from Drumond Park

Foxy Pants

Here’s yet another novel table-top game from Drumond Park – that’s bursting with excitement and anticipation! Foxy Pants (age 4+, rrp £22.99, for 2-4 players) is set to be hugely popular with little ones this Autumn with its unbeatable combination of super-fast fun and a twist of dexterity. Watch out for the dastardly Fox who sneaks around the chicken coop, looking to fill his pockets with sleeping chickens! But once Foxy’s pants get too full of the stolen hens, watch… Continue Reading “Foxy Pants from Drumond Park”

#Win Word Bandit from Drumond Park

Word Bandit

True to form, those inimitable creative minds at Drumond Park have come up with yet another brain-teasing, family-friendly classic in the making! The wheel-whirling WORD BANDIT team game (rrp £24.99, age 8+) was created entirely in-house, and is a board game with a difference. At its centre is a wheel-spinning letter machine, just like a small ‘one-arm bandit’. There are four easy word games to be played in two teams of any number, so it’s a great way to get… Continue Reading “#Win Word Bandit from Drumond Park”

#Win Snotcha! Game from Drumond Park


Oh dear, oh dear – this grossly entertaining game has been hugely popular with my cheeky little ones this Christmas. It’s the sneeze spraying action game that’s guaranteed to get everyone going, one way or another! Set him up by filling the sneeze chamber with cold water and inserting the batteries into his feet – now we’re ready to start! Take your turn to spin the spinner to see how many times to push down on Snotcha… It’s time to… Continue Reading “#Win Snotcha! Game from Drumond Park”

New Gee Whizz from Drumond Park Giveaway

Gee Whizz

GEE WHIZZ is the new game from Drumond Park which is set to be a big hit this year. Gee Whizz is jam packed with a fabulous array of basic tricks and magical activities that are perfect for little ones to master – while stimulating their natural curiosity for discovery and the world around them. With activities like learning to make shadow animals, rainbow glasses and visual effects to stun themselves and their friends – and then there are the… Continue Reading “New Gee Whizz from Drumond Park Giveaway”