#Win Snotcha! Game from Drumond Park


Oh dear, oh dear – this grossly entertaining game has been hugely popular with my cheeky little ones this Christmas. It’s the sneeze spraying action game that’s guaranteed to get everyone going, one way or another! Set him up by filling the sneeze chamber with cold water and inserting the batteries into his feet – now we’re ready to start! Take your turn to spin the spinner to see how many times to push down on Snotcha… It’s time to… Continue Reading “#Win Snotcha! Game from Drumond Park”

New Gee Whizz from Drumond Park Giveaway

Gee Whizz

GEE WHIZZ is the new game from Drumond Park which is set to be a big hit this year. Gee Whizz is jam packed with a fabulous array of basic tricks and magical activities that are perfect for little ones to master – while stimulating their natural curiosity for discovery and the world around them. With activities like learning to make shadow animals, rainbow glasses and visual effects to stun themselves and their friends – and then there are the… Continue Reading “New Gee Whizz from Drumond Park Giveaway”

Can you save the Dino babies and avoid the Dino Bite?

Dino Bite

The Dino Babies are in danger from the rampaging T-Rex. Can you save them all before the DINO BITES? Dino Bite from Drumond Park is a fun game for children aged 4 and over, although Sebby (2) enjoyed joining in too. The game requires minimal assembly and two AA batteries before you begin and is super simple to play. Each turn, players must roll a dice to see which colour Dino baby they have to save and then lift the giant… Continue Reading “Can you save the Dino babies and avoid the Dino Bite?”

Introducing the shameless and completely outrageous Og on the Bog

Og on the Bog

Pssst… this one’s all set to make a very big noise! The brilliant new electronic Og on the Bog game from Drumond Park (rrp £22.99, age 5+, for 2-4 players) is truly hilarious. As ‘tongue-in-cheek’ as it gets, it takes revolting games to completely new heights with its own outrageous brand of gross and disgusting toilet humour. The aim of the game is to steal as many loo rolls as possible before Og lets rip with a humungous FART and blows his Bog to… Continue Reading “Introducing the shameless and completely outrageous Og on the Bog”

WIN A ‘BRAND’ NEW GAME for 2015!

LOGO Lite montage LR

Not only is the brilliant new LOGO Lite (rrp £19.99, age 12 to adult) a tense, fun and fast game concept in its own right… it also DOUBLES UP by providing the much begged-for additional question cards for the original LOGO big brands game – with its pack of two hundred and sixty four fully compatible new cards! Embracing an even wider spread of companies, organisations and products, the LOGO Lite family game encompasses a completely different way of playing – but as with the… Continue Reading “WIN A ‘BRAND’ NEW GAME for 2015!”