Every Creature Counts Wildlife Survey

Painted Lady butterfly

If you’d like to know more about the wide variety of creatures that may be living in your garden the Knoll Gardens Annual Garden Wildlife Survey is a great place to start. Led by experts from the Dorset Wildlife Trust, this special day takes place every year to create a vital snapshot of the wildlife activity in this east Dorset garden. The survey provides an important year-on-year record, and offers the opportunity for everyone with an interest in wildlife, regardless… Continue Reading “Every Creature Counts Wildlife Survey”

Creating a Bird Friendly Garden with the help of BNSS

Bird Box

Yesterday morning I woke to the sound of the dawn chorus for the first time this year.  There is something so peaceful about listening to birds singing in the trees and we love watching them as look for worms in the front garden. The team at Sykes Cottages invited us to make our garden more bird friendly after running a survey that found out that less than a third of people have a nest box up in their garden and… Continue Reading “Creating a Bird Friendly Garden with the help of BNSS”