Review: BABY born Little Sister Mermaid

Mermaid Doll

One thing that Eliza has gone back to at the moment, it is playing with her dolls. Now Baby Born has a mermaid sister, perfect for mermaid fans! Eliza loves mermaids and has her very own mermaid tail, which she uses during mermaid swimming lessons and in pools when we are on holiday. This fun, fantasy 36cm doll has gorgeous long blonde hair, with blue and pink highlights which can be styled using the comb and tiara. She has a… Continue Reading “Review: BABY born Little Sister Mermaid”

Elli Smiles Doll Review

Elli Smiles Doll

Eliza loves dolls and with two new babies in the family, doll play is back at the forefront of her mind. We were sent the Elli Smiles Doll from Zapf Creation to review, who can build up a real connection to her doll parents. Eliza is a back fan of her Luvabella dolls thanks to their facial reactions and noises, but Elli Smiles can drink, talk, gurgle and wee. Elli also has the ability to recognise mum when they wear… Continue Reading “Elli Smiles Doll Review”

Explore and play with BABY born this Spring

Baby born

Dolls are going through a real resurgence in popularity with Eliza in our house at the moment and she just loves playing Mum. BABY born invited us to take part in their BABY born sitter campaign, which involved capturing footage of Eliza looking after her new baby boy, Arlo. I always find it funny seeing children take on a parenting role, changing their baby’s nappy, feeding the baby and just generally following in mum & dads footsteps and Eliza is… Continue Reading “Explore and play with BABY born this Spring”

#Win a Bizzi Growin Royal Princess and Dimple Blanket Gift Set Limited Edition


One of the rights of passage for any parent of little girls is buying them their first doll. With Eliza, her first doll was a cute ragdoll, wearing a dress embroidered with her name on and it still sits proudly on her bed seven years letter (after a small amount of emergency surgery). Kiddies Kingdom have offered me the perfect doll for any young princess – a Bizzi Growin Royal Princess and Dimple Blanket Gift Set Limited Edition to giveaway… Continue Reading “#Win a Bizzi Growin Royal Princess and Dimple Blanket Gift Set Limited Edition”

Baby Annabell Learns to Walk

Baby Annabell

Playing with dolls has gone through a bit of a resurgence in our house after a dip in popularity with Eliza. In October we were sent Baby Annabell Learns to Swim and she is now a regular attendee of our swimming lessons, as Eliza is allowed to play with her at the end if she listens during her lesson. Now in Baby Annabell’s “learn” range, there is Baby Annabell Learns to Walk. She doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as other Baby… Continue Reading “Baby Annabell Learns to Walk”