Lifestyle Changes to Aid Your Dog’s Health


If you have decided to bring home a puppy, you have made a promise to care for it for the rest of its life, ensuring that they are well, happy, and healthy. The responsibility of a dog owner is intense, but deciding to bring back an animal and make it a member of the family means you will do what it takes to care for them. This means aiding your dog as they transform from a young puppy into a… Continue Reading “Lifestyle Changes to Aid Your Dog’s Health”

Adopt, Don’t Shop: How Adopting an Older Dog Could Benefit Your Family

Dog Blinds

Dogs bring many benefits to their owners and household. For example, petting and talking to a dog can reduce stress and anxiety, taking your dog for regular walks and spending time outside is great for your mental and physical health, and if you have children, then a dog will teach them respect and confidence when being around animals, plus a number of responsibilities and other important life lessons. When it comes to introducing a dog into the home, many people… Continue Reading “Adopt, Don’t Shop: How Adopting an Older Dog Could Benefit Your Family”

Puppy Surprise – Taffy!!

Puppy Surprise

One of Eliza’s best friends has just got an adorable new puppy called Skye and like many children when faced with a cute puppy has asked for her very own. Much as I like the idea of a puppy I know we don’t have the room or the time one would need so sadly the answer was ‘no’. Although it is not quite the same as a real life puppy, a cuddly toy can be a great alternative and Flair… Continue Reading “Puppy Surprise – Taffy!!”

Bob Martin Walking Bundle #Giveaway


Autumn is the time for pulling on your wellies and heading out to the countryside but did you know that it is also the height of tick season? Ticks can be a danger to both you and your pet so it’s important to be vigilant in preventing and treating; ticks can carry Lyme disease which, if left untreated, can cause serious health issues. Recent research from Bristol University has shown that ticks are on the rise and, out of 15,000… Continue Reading “Bob Martin Walking Bundle #Giveaway”

Snuggles My Dream Puppy Review

We sadly lost our cats this year and Eliza has been desperate for a new pet. I on the other hand am reluctant to get one as we are away a lot and it would mean finding people to look after them, plus when we looked after a friends rabbits, the novelty of cleaning them out soon ran out and it was left for me to do. I now have the perfect solution – Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy… Continue Reading “Snuggles My Dream Puppy Review”