Beautiful lockdown projects

Banjo Robinson

Weeks and weeks in lockdown can bring you down. But there are ways to spend your time that will result in lasting results. The key to making the most of the increased time we now spend indoors is to find good projects to keep us occupied. I’ve collected some beautiful lockdown projects that will make time fly by. Photos You know all those photos that are stored here and there that you’ve been meaning to put to use? This is… Continue Reading “Beautiful lockdown projects”

Which Glue For Which Project? An Expert Guide


Whether you’re embarking on a craft project with the kids or whether you need to carry out a repair around the home, you’re going to need to know the right type of glue to suit the task in hand. There’s no such thing as “standard glue”. Using a glue designed for use on paper to repair a broken vase is never going to work and, what’s more, will make a huge mess. Luckily, you can save yourself a lot of… Continue Reading “Which Glue For Which Project? An Expert Guide”

Home Improvements that Open Up Great New Spaces Ideal for Kids

Loft conversion

Loft conversions have become increasingly more popular for large families, especially within recent years, and it comes as no surprise when you think about all the prospective uses of the space! They’re a marvellous way to improve family living and can take the strain off feeling confined in smaller properties. With their extensive popularity, the chances are that you probably know somebody with a loft conversion. If so, you may want to ask to visit theirs to compare and gather… Continue Reading “Home Improvements that Open Up Great New Spaces Ideal for Kids”

Must have DIY tools for your tool box

Tool Box

It used to be a bit of a running joke that my husband should not be allowed to do any DIY in the house as things had a tendency to go awry. Thankfully a couple of stints working for businesses that specialise in home improvement  have improved his skills no-end and now he actually enjoys tinkering with things that need fixing around the house. It also means that he is busily expanding his tool collection and he now gets excited… Continue Reading “Must have DIY tools for your tool box”