Which Indoor Game Are You Playing in Lockdown? 

Pillow Flight

How are you and your family holding up during lockdown? While kids being always bored can be a threat to any parent’s sanity – everyone can use this time to bond better as a family. It may be unusual for your kids to engage in stimulating conversation, reading, and other classic screen-free activities, but this can be the best time for them to appreciate what life is like before screens were invented. We can only do so much, watching the same… Continue Reading “Which Indoor Game Are You Playing in Lockdown? 


My Den Competition with Philips

Sulley Nightlight

What is it about children creating Dens? My children love nothing more than draping blankets over chairs, taking all the cushions off the sofa and hiding in there making up stories and actually playing nicely for a change. Get Daddy involved and the Den building goes to the extreme! He upturns the sofa’s, builds a fort out of the cushions and sends the kids into a frenzy! The lovely team at Phillips have launched a competition for you and your child… Continue Reading “My Den Competition with Philips”

A really wild time at Studland

Last year we were introduced Dan thanks to a Fathers Day trip aboard Poole Sea Safari and being intrigued by people jumping off cliffs into the sea.  After a few tweets asking what they were doing we discovered Coasteering and Studland Sea School. We had a summer of fun with Dan and his team on the Studland beaches.  All the boys got to go Kayaking whilst I got to explore the beach with the youngest two, so when he contacted me… Continue Reading “A really wild time at Studland”