doddl – a revolution in children’s cutlery

doddl’s baby fork and spoon set is the perfect first cutlery set for your baby (6 months+). Now, with more time at home than ever, it is the perfect time to get to grips with some cutlery with some fun challenges. The short, compact handles make it easy for your baby to hold in their basic grip, whilst soft touch areas help develop the more advanced pincer grip. doddl baby cutlery makes it easy for your baby to feed themselves, helping to establish a positive relationship with cutlery at mealtimes. doddl has come up with a series of fun challenges …

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Kids Cutlery

How to get your Kids using Cutlery

Babies and toddlers are continually learning and developing their motor skills, cognitive ability, and personal habits and preferences. For parents, there’s nothing quite as exciting as watching their kids steadily scaling new mental heights and achieving new physical milestones. Sometimes though, parents need to take control of their development, particularly when it involves complicated areas that require multiple leaps of mental and physical advancements such as developing healthy eating habits. A great way to start toddlers on the right path is by introducing children’s cutlery sets at meal time. However, when shopping for kids cutlery sets, please make sure that …

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