Posh Paws Porg Plush Review

Chewbacca Porg

Star Wars is a big deal in our house. Hubby has been a fan since he was a child and he has a huge collection of original Star Wars toys, which occasionally come out to play, but only when supervised by him. His love of film has filtered down through the kids, with both Callan and Kian being fans and now Isaac and Sebastian have joined them, watching all the old films and TV spin-off shows. Hubby took Isaac to… Continue Reading “Posh Paws Porg Plush Review”

Fufries Funny Friends Funny Monkeys Review

Fufris Funny Friends

Sometimes there comes a toy that the kids fall in love with straight away – almost love at first sight. The Fufries Funny Friends Funny Monkeys is one of these toys and you cannot help but smile and giggle when it comes out to play. The cuddly toy is a friendly and original plush monkey that breaks into fits of laughter when you press its hand and is perfect for diffusing a tantrum, bad mood or argument between siblings. Just… Continue Reading “Fufries Funny Friends Funny Monkeys Review”

Puppy Surprise – Taffy!!

Puppy Surprise

One of Eliza’s best friends has just got an adorable new puppy called Skye and like many children when faced with a cute puppy has asked for her very own. Much as I like the idea of a puppy I know we don’t have the room or the time one would need so sadly the answer was ‘no’. Although it is not quite the same as a real life puppy, a cuddly toy can be a great alternative and Flair… Continue Reading “Puppy Surprise – Taffy!!”