Childcare Facilities aboard the Carnival Vista

On a Carnival cruise, kids can enjoy all the best parts of a family holiday and all the fun of a summer camp, all in one! Firstly, make sure you book the kids clubs online before you board as not only will it guarantee a space, but it also saves time once onboard. Carnival has well-organised activities for children, at Camp Ocean, organised by age. Penguins – age 2-5 years Stingrays – age 6-8 years Sharks – age 9-11 years There are… Continue Reading “Childcare Facilities aboard the Carnival Vista”

Fine Dining aboard the Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista

I have already posted about where to eat for free aboard the Carnival Vista, but they also offer some magnificent restaurants onboard and I urge you to check out at least one during your cruise. Now, I cannot give you our favourite restaurant as they are so different, yet all are amazing in their own way. The first restaurant we got to try was JiJi Asian Kitchen. JiJi, meaning lucky lucky, serves up enticing dishes in a restaurant designed with… Continue Reading “Fine Dining aboard the Carnival Vista”

Carnival Countdown

With just 24 days until our Carnival cruise onboard the Vista it is time to start making those final arrangements. I have travel insurance with my bank account but after investigation it doesn’t cover us for a cruise as you need specialist cruise insurance cover. I picked up a good level of insurance for a family of 6 for under £30. The great thing about Carnival cruise line is that you can check-in, book childcare clubs, restaurants, spa treatments and… Continue Reading “Carnival Countdown”

Carnival Ambassador for Thrills!

Mark Warner

Last year I followed the lovely Penny, from A Residence, adventures as a Carnival Cruise Ambassador. I was unsure whether a cruise would be a suitable family holiday but from the fun and adventures they had, she convinced me it would be. This year the Carnival team were again looking for ambassadors in 5 different categories and as a family with adventure at its heart, we decided to apply for the Thrill Seeking family. I am so excited to announce… Continue Reading “Carnival Ambassador for Thrills!”

On a Cruise for the First Time – 10 Things You Need to Know


So you’re thinking of taking the plunge and booking your first family cruise. Being the first one, you won’t be sure exactly what to expect and how to go about preparing for it: where to go, what to pack, what to do on board, etc. Well, don’t worry, the 10 tips below will help you out and have your fellow travellers thinking you’ve done this a million times before! 1. Choose a company you can trust There are literally hundreds… Continue Reading “On a Cruise for the First Time – 10 Things You Need to Know”