Baby Feet

Creative Ways To Chronicle Your Motherhood Milestones

Motherhood is a profound journey unlike any other, and it’s important to celebrate and remember as many milestones from the life-changing experience as possible.  After all, the demands of parents change as their children get older. One moment you’re designing the perfect bedroom for your child yourself, and the next they’re teenagers who don’t want you anywhere near their rooms under any circumstances. There’s a huge trajectory in parenting in a myriad of other areas also, and it can feel like nothing about the experience stays the same for long.  With all the many highs and lows that parenting can …

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Eliza Crafting

How To Keep Your Children Entertained Whilst Staying At Home

With stay-at home guidelines extending longer than many expected, figuring out how to keep your children occupied without going outside may be becoming a near impossible task. Finding ways to keep them entertained through months and months of lockdowns is so important, as you must ensure that they stay mentally and physically active for the benefit of their long term health. Luckily, there are in fact several different ideas that you may not have considered which can keep your little ones occupied for hours (or even days!) on end, and it couldn’t be easier to get started today. So, if …

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LEGO Doctor Who

Top tips for getting creative with the kids this summer

The summer holidays can be a challenging times for all kinds of reasons. There’s the packing, the kids being under your feet all the time rather than conveniently out of the house for six hours a day, but most of all, kids are at risk from totally forgetting everything they’ve learned over the last year in a few weeks of playing in the park and building elaborate Lego models. However, the summer holiday is also an opportunity. Without a classroom and curriculum, children have an opportunity for much more self-directed and creative learning, and as their parent you’re in a …

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