How to create a stunning pencil tin for your home or office

Sometimes using the simplest of materials can create the best effects! Using Scotch Magic Tape and your favourite gift wrap, or child’s painting, you can turn an old tin into a great pencil holder the kids will love, and it might just encourage them to tidy up after themselves! Maggy Woodley, award winning blogger and owner of the blog Red Ted Art, shares her step-by-step guide to creating a pencil tin. You will need: One tin can (emptied, washed and… Continue Reading “How to create a stunning pencil tin for your home or office”

Eliza’s 3rd Birthday

Create a Bear

When I heard that Lemur Landings were launching their very own Create-a-Bear parties in the brand new Ted Shed I knew that would be the perfect birthday party for Eliza.  Not only did they get to stuff their very own bear, but they also got play time in the huge play frame. The children got to play in the play frame upon arrival which was a great way of burning off some steam before the serious task of choosing which… Continue Reading “Eliza’s 3rd Birthday”