Eliza’s My Little Pony Craft Party

For her last two birthday’s, Eliza has had a princess theme with her favourite princesses coming to her party to play games with her and her guests. Although she toyed with the idea of having princesses again, this year she decided she wanted to do something different and decided upon a My Little Pony party. Now getting Rainbow Dash and crew to turn up to a party just was not going to happen, so we got our thinking caps on.… Continue Reading “Eliza’s My Little Pony Craft Party”

How to host the perfect arts and crafts evening

Craft Party

Hosting the perfect arts and crafts evening takes a fine blend of preparation, baked goods and patience. A combination which, you’ll know if you’ve ever hosted a party before doesn’t always come easy. Still the great thing with arts and crafts evenings is that it’s up to you how structured or laid-back your night is. It can be an evening of creating Tate-worthy paintings or a simple catch up among friends with a side of jewellery making. As the host,… Continue Reading “How to host the perfect arts and crafts evening”