Ranty Friday – The cost of other people’s weddings

save the date

I love a good wedding! Seeing close friends or family tying the knot always give me a warm glow and I have a fair few tales of after party antics that I like to remind people of every now and then. Sadly we have not been to a wedding since 2007, a year where we had three to go to and I was pregnant with Isaac, but this year a “Save the Date” card has landed on our doorstep and there… Continue Reading “Ranty Friday – The cost of other people’s weddings”

Does your childcare cost more than your mortgage?

Yesterday is was all of the news that people were paying more on the cost of childcare than they pay on their mortgage and there were various threads on mumsnet and Facebook groups basically slating childcare providers and what they charge. I have written about this before but I was comparing Nursery costs versus Nanny versus childminder. If you don’t know, I am a childminder and I have to admit I do get incensed by people complaining about the cost… Continue Reading “Does your childcare cost more than your mortgage?”

The Big Holiday Debate

Mike Wasowski

I have been watching the debate on holiday firms effectively “cashing in” in school holidays unfold with interest. I may be controversial but I really don’t think they are cashing in.  They are a business like any other and are simply responding to supply and demand. If you want to go on holiday in the height of summer, ie. July / August, the rest of Europe is also on holiday too, making the demand for hotels and flights high.  Many… Continue Reading “The Big Holiday Debate”