Kids with attitude

5 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Child

All children can lose their confidence at certain times, such as starting a new school year or are having a low period. It can be hard to help your child to regain their confidence; with this guide, it should help you to give them a little push in the right direction.  A good lunch can instantly boost their mood.  Just like breakfast, lunch can be a big part of your child’s day, whether that is at home or school. Having a bento lunch box keeps their lunch interesting and organised in sections to keep them entertained by a fun pattern. …

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Reading Eggs

Helping boost confidence with Reading Eggs

Like many parents of primary aged children, we have just had this terms parents evening. Isaac and Eliza are doing brilliantly and the school are happy with their progress and Sebby is has settled in well. Like many children in Reception, he is one of the youngest in the year and reading is proving to be a bit of a challenge. He loves watching alphablocks on the television and is starting to know some of the basic words in books, but he would much rather work out what is going on in the story using the pictures. His teacher has …

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A Crisis of Confidence

Tonight I attended an event at a local hairdressers aimed at bloggers and their friends. I am normally quite a confident person, happy to chat to those around me, but tonight something was different – my confidence replaced by the feeling that I had to get out. The event itself was busy with women having their nails painted, make-up done and even having a wash and blow dry but I just didn’t feel like I belonged. The place was full of what can only be described as the body beautiful.  Young, well-groomed, beautiful women and never have I felt so …

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