Things That Can Weaken Your Immune System


With Covid-19 still raging on – along with various other winter bugs – now has never been a worse time to have a weak immune system.  Our immune system helps to defend our body against bacteria, viruses, fungi and various other microbial threats.  A complex network of organs (such as our appendix, spleen and tonsils) and cells (such as lymphocytes and neutrophils) help to keep it working. If these organs and cells aren’t getting the nutrients and oxygen that they… Continue Reading “Things That Can Weaken Your Immune System”

Fun things to do outside when it’s cold


Winter weather can make getting outdoors seem like an ordeal – cold temperatures, snow, frost and ice and a lack of warm sunshine can make even the most outdoorsy family want to hibernate inside. In my experience, the kids are less bothered about challenging weather conditions than adults, especially if their are things to catch their attention and play with. The important thing is to layer up and wrap them up nice and warm, with a special focus on hats, gloves and snuggly warm socks. Fun… Continue Reading “Fun things to do outside when it’s cold”

Stay Fighting Fit This Winter and Avoid the Lurgy!


With Christmas just around the corner, the rush to get everything in order for the big day has already begun. From sourcing a fabulously festive outfit to perfecting that Christmas menu and sorting a seating plan to prevent the annual family argument, we cover off everything…But what about our health? The arrival of winter brings with it an increased risk of picking up illnesses, with unpredictable weather triggering or worsening many conditions, such as asthma, flu and the norovirus. With… Continue Reading “Stay Fighting Fit This Winter and Avoid the Lurgy!”

Ranty Friday – The Phone

No Phone

I have had it up to here of the phone recently! *points over the top of my head* There are several reasons for this……. At the top of my list are: Why don’t people call back when they say they are going to? Why don’t people call back when you have left a message (or two) politely reminding them that you need a response It is so frustrating – the whole house is in limbo until we get this call… Continue Reading “Ranty Friday – The Phone”