9 Creative Uses for Used Coffee Grounds


Coffee is such a special thing that it feels wrong to throw away used grounds. It turns out that there are a variety of things to do with this waste product that are both good for the earth and for you! Exfoliation Use the best possible ground coffee for your morning cup. Once brewed, this ground coffee can’t really be used for drinking again: the resulting beverage will be too weak in flavour to be worth it. Thankfully, there are… Continue Reading “9 Creative Uses for Used Coffee Grounds”

Review: Ohelo Tumbler

Ohelo Packaging

Going out for a coffee is a treat I am starting to enjoy more often, now that Abbey is on maternity leave after having baby Lilah. Like a lot of people now, I am conscious of the amount of plastics we use in everyday life and as a family we are keen to cut down and recycle wherever possible and using a disposable coffee cup contributes to this. I was invited to review the Ohelo Tumbler, the perfect solution to… Continue Reading “Review: Ohelo Tumbler”

Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review

Beko Coffee Machine

Are you someone that has to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? I have to admit that I love a cup of tea in the mornings, but it is Hubby that is the coffee person in our house. We have tried instant coffee, we have tried a pod style coffee machine but in his mind, they are no substitute for the real thing. We were sent the Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine to review… Continue Reading “Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review”

A guide to girls gadgets for Christmas


As the season of goodwill comes around, your thoughts are probably turning to what gifts you would like to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Perhaps just as crucially, there is the question of how to drop those not so subtle hints to your friends and family about the goodies you really would love to receive, especially if you are into the latest gadgets. Laptops, tablets and smartphones – in pink of course If you just must have a… Continue Reading “A guide to girls gadgets for Christmas”

Perry the Penguin Challenge

Costa Coffee have just launched a brand new product – Perry the Penguin Gingerbread and to celebrate they invited 10 bloggers to take on the #PerryOnTour challenge which involved taking Perry on our adventures for three days. Perry arrived in style by Eliza’s giant birthday balloon, although I am afraid to say that he didn’t last very long and may have been eaten by the excited birthday girl. Thankfully Perry the Second was happy to step up to the plate… Continue Reading “Perry the Penguin Challenge”