Clearing out the clutter

New bed

Do you ever get to the stage where you just cannot stand the state of the kids rooms and just clear it out yourself instead of making them do it? That was me this week! I was so fed up of asking them to clear their rooms and just watching them push the clothes in the corner, or hiding odd socks in the toy box that I decided to clear the rooms myself. It took me a good three hours… Continue Reading “Clearing out the clutter”

A grown-up lounge

Everybody knows that having children will mean compromise, but it can still be a bit of a shock to discover just how easily they can overwhelm a living space.  No matter how much tidying is done, toys get everywhere, along with stray items of clothing.  Rooms have to be rearranged to keep dangerous items out of reach.  Things get chipped, damaged and even chewed.  It can be very difficult to maintain the sense of style that once mattered so much,… Continue Reading “A grown-up lounge”