Save Money on Clothes for the Full Family by Following these Tips


There are so many ways for you to save money on clothes, and if you manage to do so, then you will still look great. If you are shopping for the whole family however then this can be difficult, but with these simple tips, you can be sure to make a huge difference. Free Clothing There are many ways for you to get free clothing. First of all, you need to be willing to have hand-me-downs for your kids. At… Continue Reading “Save Money on Clothes for the Full Family by Following these Tips”

How to dress your teen without blowing your budget!

Young Driver

I have got away with the whole fashion thing with Kian, until now! With Abbey and Callan they had a strong sense of their own style from the age of about 14 whereas Kian was happy to wear whatever we bought him but these days he knows what he likes and most importantly, what he doesn’t. The problem with fashion labels is that they cost a lot more, so gone are the days of buying half a dozen t-shirts in… Continue Reading “How to dress your teen without blowing your budget!”

The Pre-Christmas Clear Out


It feels like we haven’t been at home for a weekend since well before the summer holidays. In fact looking back, weekends at home have been few and far between and it has meant that the house has got a little out of control. The kids love collecting all the paraphernalia that goes with our days out, from sea glass and shells from the beach, to leaflets and maps from theme parks and even badges and medals they earn along the… Continue Reading “The Pre-Christmas Clear Out”

Give Up Clothes for Good with TKMaxx


Well another season is hot footing it away and there is a positively autumnal feel to the air now so it is time to start thinking about some warmer clothing. Now the kids are at school I am planning on blitzing their wardrobes. Isaac has had a growth spurt over the summer holidays which is very visible in some of his trousers and Eliza’s mass of summer dresses need to be replaced by some warmer clothing. I always used to… Continue Reading “Give Up Clothes for Good with TKMaxx”

BreastVest Review and Giveaway


I have been breastfed all 6 of my children and have seen nursing fashion change hugely over the years.  I don’t think there was anything available 21 years ago, so to have a choice of attractive nursing wear is a real bonus these days.  However, there are days when you just want to wear something that doesn’t have that extra function but you still need to breastfeed! I have just the thing to solve that problem! If you haven’t heard… Continue Reading “BreastVest Review and Giveaway”