Is the UK supporting outdoor play for our children?


Kids need to play outside. According to a 2016 study, three quarters of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates. UN guidelines mandate that prisoners must be allowed at least one hour outside – but our children are getting even less than that. This is clearly an issue, especially in light of the health benefits that come with outdoor play. These include using a larger vocabulary outdoors, promoting creativity and ultimately, helping them get physical exercise. However, do… Continue Reading “Is the UK supporting outdoor play for our children?”

Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber Review

Lil Monkey

The Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber by TP Toys is not only a great climbing frame for children aged 3-6 but it combines outdoor fun with technology too. It is simple assemble using the easy to follow instructions and slotting the plastic tubes into the correct slots on the brackets.  I did go slightly wrong and put a left in a right which was a bit of a struggle to get back out, but we managed.  All in all it took around 45… Continue Reading “Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber Review”