Back to School with Brantano


I cannot believe I am saying this but it is time to start thinking of picking up the kid’s school uniform already as the new term starts in just a couple more weeks. I always recommend your start buying new uniform essentials as early into the summer as possible as the size you need invariably goes out of stock if you leave it to the last-minute, or the shops become packed solid with people all trying to get feet measured… Continue Reading “Back to School with Brantano”

New washable shoes from Clarks

Clarks Shoes

I am feeling guilty! I last got the kids feet measured when they started school which resulted in me having to buy three pairs of school shoes, two pairs of trainers and some toddler shoes for Sebby. As you can imagine that came to an eye watering sum of money but I am thankful that my kids feet don’t grow that quickly, although I do get Sebby’s checked more regularly. Back in March Eliza started to complain that her shoes… Continue Reading “New washable shoes from Clarks”

New Shoes

Why is it that the kids all need new shoes at the same time? Kian was complaining of wet feet and I found his shoes had split, whilst both Eliza and Isaac have grown. When the kids feet are still growing I insist on shoes that are properly measured to ensure they don’t damage their feet, especially for school as they wear them for such a long time. I don’t know about you but I hated Clarks queuing system for buying kids… Continue Reading “New Shoes”