Gtech Ebike beach hut

G-Tech e-Bike City Review

I am well aware that as I have got older, the pounds are slowly creeping on and I need to do something about it. We do a lot of walking with the kids, but as my GP kindly pointed out, walking at the pace of a four-year-old isn’t going to get my heart pumping. Suffering from arthritis in my feet, running isn’t for me, but I used to love cycling and it is the perfect exercise for me to get back in to. I was sent a G-Tech eBike to review and it is helping me to fall in love with cycling …

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Yaya Toure and Kian

Memories of Wembley

Today sees another Community Shield match get underway and when it comes on the TV and I see those children walking out with their heroes always gives me goosebumps! All the way back in 2011, Kian got the chance to walk on the pitch at Wembley as a player escort to Yaya Toure and the Manchester City squad. This all happened before I started blogging and I cannot believe I have not written about it until now! We got this amazing opportunity all thanks to English Mum who was running a competition on her blog to be a player escort for …

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