Christmas Fun at Upton Country Park


On the run up to Christmas, we made a visit to Upton Country Park to see their wonderful woodland grotto and new adventure play area. Upton Country Park is a stunning place to visit in Poole and is situated on the northwestern shoreline of Holes Bay. There is a country house, walking trails, manicured gardens and a small cafe to visit and it is all free, apart from the small cost of parking. The Woodland Grotto was set up just… Continue Reading “Christmas Fun at Upton Country Park”

AD: Games for the whole family to enjoy this Christmas!

Beat That!

Christmas time is a time when our games are dug out of the cupboard and the whole family gets involved. We play all sorts of games, from playing cards, to games that were out and about when we were young like Downfall and Game of Life. As the kids have got older, we have added games such as Scrabble and Monopoly but now there are some new games in town to get those competitive juices flowing. Our Top Games for… Continue Reading “AD: Games for the whole family to enjoy this Christmas!”

Make your own traditions with Swizzels

Much as I moan about all the extra work I have to do around Christmas, it is a time of year that I love. The tree, the decorations, the lights, the songs, the films – there are so many different traditions that we take part in, some of which have been handed down from older generations and others which we have introduced ourselves. We don’t start the Christmas preparations until 1st December when our advent calendars come out and our… Continue Reading “Make your own traditions with Swizzels”

Thank a teacher this Christmas!

Most of us has had at least one teacher that we really remember. One that has found a hidden talent, encouraged us on when all we wanted to do was give up or given us the inspiration to try something new. School hasn’t always been easy for Isaac and I lost count of the number of times I was called into the head teachers office or the classroom because of his poor behaviour. In Year 6 something changed. As with… Continue Reading “Thank a teacher this Christmas!”

Help to find the perfect Christmas Gift with the 2019 Christmas Good Toy Guide

A month today and it will be Christmas Day!! I am normally the organised one and have all my shopping done by now, but I only started my Christmas shopping last week and have a long way to go to even make a dent in it. I spent yesterday clearing out the playroom of toys that are no longer loved, whilst kids spent their time aiming to fill it back up again, by writing their letters to Father Christmas. Finding… Continue Reading “Help to find the perfect Christmas Gift with the 2019 Christmas Good Toy Guide”