Peugeot 5008 Beach

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Day-to-Day Car for Busy Mums

As a busy mum, all you want in a car is to get from point A to B efficiently and economically. There are a few requirements that every mum looks for in a car, and that includes safety features, economy, affordability, comfort, reliability, easy parking, space, and easy access for a child car seat. When a family grows, mums generally become a lot busier, and one of the most important things is getting an efficient day-to-day car to help get around.  While many people consider large SUVs the best option, offering additional seats and more trunk space, but large may …

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Living In The Country, What Should Be Your Car?

When it rains in the city, it’s damp and miserable. When it rains in the country it’s all those things as well as muddy and slippery. This is something that you see quite a lot in rural areas. The weather seems twice as powerful when you’re surrounded by fields, rivers and hills. There’s no concrete jungle to block out the sun, so you feel it more on your skin. There are no buildings getting in the way of the rain either, so you often get standing pools of water and fords building up all around your home. For these reasons …

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Strike a Pose

Choosing a Family Car

I used to enjoy shopping around for cars, seeing what different manufacturers could offer and seeing how well the cars drove, but since having issues with our Citroen Grand C4 Picasso I have been a lot more wary and have researched our car choices more thoroughly than I normally would. Being a family of 6 our only option is to buy a 7 seater car, but there are a couple of issues: 7 seater cars are stupidly expensive and although we looked into leasing options we were concerned that we wouldn’t actually own the car at the end of the lease period. …

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