How to choose the perfect ski jacket

Ski's on a car

You have researched your dream location, booked your hotel and sorted out equipment hire and now is the time to head to the shops and find your clothing. I find shopping for holidays lots of fun, but there is a definite added pressure to finding the perfect clothes for a winter holiday; will I be warm enough, will it keep me dry, do I look good etc When packing for a winter holiday, you need to be prepared. When we… Continue Reading “How to choose the perfect ski jacket”

How to choose the right pram for you!!

Britax Bob

Having a baby is one of the most exciting (and scary) times of your life and can also be an expensive hobby. All around you people are offering their advice, companies are selling how important their products will be to you and some with price tags to make your eyes water. One of the most expensive purchases you will make is the pram / pushchair. I have to admit that I was a bit of a pram and pushchair addict… Continue Reading “How to choose the right pram for you!!”